In submitting a research article to INSIGHT Journal, authors are requested to certify that:

  1. The article is original, has not been formally published/ accepted for publication in any other peer-reviewed journal, and does not infringe any existing copyright or any other third party rights;
  2. The article contains nothing that is unlawful, or which would, if published, constitute a breach of contract or of confidence or of commitment given to secrecy;
  3. They are the sole author(s) of the article and have full authority to enter into this agreement and in granting rights to INSIGHT Journal. If the law requires that the article be published in the public domain, they will notify INSIGHT Journal at the time of submission;
  4. They have taken due care to ensure the integrity of the article and also agree to follow ethical principles and procedures of scientific publishing.
  5. The Author declares that any person named as co-author of the article   is aware of the fact and has agreed to being so named.
  6. Author will indemnify the Publisher for, and hold the Publisher harmless from any loss, expense or damage occasioned by, any claim or suit by a third party for copyright infringement or arising out of any breach of the foregoing warranties as a result of publication of the article.
  7. Author(s) had obtained the necessary and required permission from the concerned sources for the material used in preparation of the article and the content of the article is completely free from copyright violation.